japan Alternative Photography pigment gumprint

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"Why is not anyone doing color prints? "



"I just did not do it" w www

There are many people who take pictures but few print

There are few color print productions.

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japan Alternative Photography pigment gumprint

# This, analog pigment print method,

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# From shooting the film, inverted, creating a positive film

# From this positive film, make the expanding negative film.
# Up to this point, working in a dark room.

Alternative Photography -And how to make PIGMENTPRINTPHOTO
First , we will create an enlarged negative film .
On the size of the paper corresponding to it ,
what was mixed with acrylic paint and the photosensitive material ,
I will a coating photographic paper .
To After drying , the negative film , superposed in such sunlight and baked .
This , developed with tap water . Turn off the water , and then dried .
Now , one step . In addition , the acrylic paint ,
the color difference
of the photosensitive material, and baking and drying ... is painted ,
so on development ... ,
in from two steps four steps to determine the preference ,
the colors so.Gum Bichromate-


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