japan Alternative Photography pigment gumprint

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Alien Interview

Alien Interview


#Printing by super classical technique in 1984
Use the space behind ordinary photographic prints.
Apply a transparent photographic photosensitizer here.
Overlay negative films and expose them to sunlight.
Develop with tap water.
A transparent image is formed.
Partly color it with dye ink so that the image is visible.

#Special color + photographic photosensitizer

#a transparent photographic photosensitizer
     # Color pearl 18 colors
     #Pearl 6 colors
     #Metallic 9 colors
     #Lame color 13 colors

#Painting materials other than paper, wood, cloth, metal, plastics,
etc. Can be used for various materials


#Even if it dissolves in water, the opacity tone does not change, and
it will exhibit water resistance when dried. Use acrylic resin to fix
pigment in paint

#Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Oak, Vermillion, Crimson,
Virijan, Fukasu Green, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Siena,
Lower Amber, Lamp Black, Medium Yellow, Fresh Tint, Orange, Scarlet,
Phthalocyanine, Cerulean Blue, Eme Lared green, dark green, violet, low
shiena, burnt amber, gray