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ミックスナッツ 毎日堅果スーパー(25g×28袋) スーパーフードをミックス! (アーモンドくるみひまわりの種 クランベリー ヨーグルトレーズン) アメリカ産 無塩

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In the 1980's, Illustration that I drawn like a photo print, with an air brush was a boom. In those days, on the contrary, thinking that buying can be done by photographs in the same way, it is a finished photography technique, thinking that it is possible to do? Www later, if you study it ... in the era without pre-war color photography, with the same photography technique , Printing was done w www

I used a technique that does not use a camera for classical technique.
Make it with black and white negative film. Coloring printing method. It is not a commercially available color print system.
Although this technique is also in the classical technique, it is called "popchrome"

Usually, you use something with shapes such as leaves and solid objects ... ...

In this time, we will supply liquid such as water directly, photographic paper,
I thought about a method of fixing it.

Cabinet Directly drip the liquid on the photographic paper, lightly tilt, at an appropriate place,

Developing, fixing process www The image,

Enlarged copy to negative film, 3 color pigment print.
#Analog Inkjet Photo
PigmentChromePrint #old-sunprint #popchrome #jazzchrome

There is only one continuous tone negative film, but for each color ink, www
with the exposure time changed

Shooting is 35 mm many, but it does not become a big work as it is.

So, you will make an enlarged negative film www

In case of reversal, slide film, once transcribed to panchromatic film www

If you are a monochrome nega, you can expand a 35 mm film, www www

Modern · · · · · with scanner, import, soft, expanded negative, printer output wwww

If so, you can say that it is good to print full-color images by classical technique arrangement, www

The greatest feature of this classic technique is the final, printing process, by hand, doing www

Sensitivity of photosensitive ink, color taste, thickness of coating, unevenness required condition ...
#Analog Inkjet Photo
PigmentChromePrint #old-sunprint #popchrome #jazzchrome